Freezing Audio

Pardon me for the rather silly question but I’d like to find out what affects the speed at which midi freezes more, the processor or RAM?

Pretty much just trying to find out if throwing another 8 GB of RAM would help at all with Export/Freezing Track speeds, I’m going to take a shot in the dark and assume it’s all on the actual CPU but I figured I’d ask anyways as I’m not too good with those sorts of things.

I think that would depend on whether or not you are low on RAM. Use the resource monitor to see if you are anywhere near full on RAM. If you are, more RAM might be a bigger help. If you have plenty already, then more won’t make a difference. Looks like you probably have eight guessing by your statement “another 8 GB” in which case CPU will help more unless you work with fairly large projects.

Yeah, I’m running 8 currently I’m not sure if I’m capping out on it, I’ll look into it next time I’m writing as it is usually the big string libraries that I’m finding take the longest to freeze.