Freezing during playback and mouse action

Cubase simply freezes if you somehow click on an element with the mouse while the project is playing.
Not reproducible, one of those random bugs with Cubase 13, but the assumption is that it has something to do with drawing the GUI/OpenGL etc.


Reported to Steinberg. Thank you.

Same action, but now with a crash and also a dump file created. I just selected a different track with the mouse and that was it… the dump file shows no plugin but a null pointer read error from Cubase, i.e. access to a pointer (variable with memory address) which is “0”.


Thank you for the new file. Now it points to something. This exact same crash has been reported by other users too already. So it seems, it’s somehow reproducible. Therefore I believe, it’s going to be fixed sooner or later.

I added the new DMP file to the original report.