Freezing MIDI


I’m on Cubase 7.5.
I know the feature “Freeze Instrument Channel” is available for instrument tracks. Is this somehow available to MIDI channels that are connected to instruments (looking at multiple Kontakt channels in a VEPro instance)? Because the “Freeze Instrument Channel” button disappears for MIDI tracks.

Thanks in advance


It’s available for instruments in the rack…does that help?

I didn’t know that, that is helpful thanks a lot!

Now if only it were possible to freeze only one MIDI track connected to an instance, because I don’t necessarily always want all of my tracks frozen. Who knows, maybe Steinberg will introduce this with a future Cubase version.

I wouldn’t think it’s possible for the current architecture to work that way…it’s the instrument that you freeze not the midi channel and while it would be easy to tell it to only bounce certain channels you can’t switch off the instrument without losing any other channels of multi-timbrality…and it’s the switching off and therefore cpu saving which is the main benefit of freezing.


It would be great, because for instance 50 MIDI tracks using lets say 10 different CCs that are moving up and down the whole time at 1/32 beats does use a bit of CPU resources I can imagine…

But what you’re saying makes sense, thanks for the clarification. Seems the only way of ‘freezing’ a MIDI track is exporting the audio of it and inserting it.