Freezing musltiple tracks function doesn't work (CUBASE 12)

Hi! There’s a really annoying bug in Cubase. I work in Windows BTW. When I freeze multiple tracks at the same time, Cubase will only freeze one of the channels properly (with all plugins activated and everything). The rest of the tracks get frozen but without the plugins activated so what you get is a frozen track that is completely dry. When you unfreeze those tracks, the plugins on those tracks are deactivated (I don’t mean bypassed- They are completely deactivated) and I’ll have to activate each and every one of them and freeze every track individually. Please fix this! Thank you!


Could you please write step by step, what do you do and how do you set it up?

Could you try in the Cubase Safe Start Mode [Disable preferences], please?

Thank you for replying!
I tried disabling preferences and opened a new project with my vocal chain. The same thing still happens! Here’s what it looks like:
I freeze multiple tracks:

When listening back, the lead track is the only track that is processed. The rest is completely dry!
So then I unfreeze:

I realize that the plugins on the dub tracks are disabled. So I think that Cubase disables all plugins on other tracks once the first track is frozen.
Do you work on mac or windows? This might be a windows problem.


I’m on Mac. How is the Freeze setup on your side, please?

Do you mean what steps I take to freeze?
I select the tracks I want to freeze and then I click “freeze selected tracks”


Oh sorry, I messed it up with Render in Place, where you have some options, what do you want to render.

Btw, how does it look like, if you use Render in Place instead of Freeze, please?

Rendering works fine. I want to freeze

The function works well for me, I use it all the time. To look for where the problem is, could you answer a few questions?

  1. I can see a lot of plugins are inserted to those channels, could you tell me what is the pdc latency value for the entire track? (Enable the delay rack in the mixer, it shows the latency).

  2. The yellow dot on the rack header is lit on the 2nd screen shot. The button was unlit when you triggered the freeze? That is the bypass all inserts for the channel and sometimes has dodgy behavior.

  3. It’s a bit tedious thing to do, but can you “disable” (Not bypass) half plugins from the top, then trigger the function and see what happens? (Please make sure that “disable/enable” is not “bypass/unbypass” these 2 set of terms are different states. Former does not use resource when “disabled” and later are the ones can be automated.) If worked, try another half, then once you know which half is trouble some, do the same for the problematic group, i.e make it half and try both.
    This way, even if you have 16 inserts, you can find culprit with in 4 tries.

Hi! This problem happens no matter what or how many plugins there are on the channel, I could have one compressor and it would still deactivate. The yellow button wasn’t on. Everything was okay before I hit freeze.