Freezing on boot up.

This has been happening more than a few times lately,
Screenshot 2020-12-05 152043.png
I’m using Artist 10.5.20 ,Windows 10 64bit, Intel I7,16 gig ram.500 gig SSD drive + outboard drive.


Double-check your USB-eLiceser is not damaged, please. Also try to plug it in to USB2 port, not USB3, if possible, please.

Thank you for your reply. So this happens at random times. when it happens I run the USB -eLiceser. I moved the dongle to USB 2 but still happened after moving it. I’m thinking it may be a 3rd party plugin.

So this is still happening. Any help would be appreciated, getting pretty annoying now.

Still getting eLicenser Control Error. Downloaded latest USB e license version, tried different USB ports. I have to run the eLicense maintenance every other time I start Cubase.