Freezing on MixConsole/Padshop every time I load a project!

Greetings !

I am using Cubase Pro 9.0.10 on Windows 10, i7-5930K & 32GB RAM along with a Roland Quad Capture audio interface. This problem was also occuring on the previous Cubase 9 Pro build.

Anyway, I’ve been having this problem like 90% of the time these past two weeks and it’s wasted hours and hours of work, I’m going nuts and seriously am thinking about switching to another DAW. Any help is welcome and quite urgent !

This happens when I load some projects with a video file, sound effects & VST/MIDI data, and obviously a Padshop track :

I get a MixConsole loading window that never achieves to load the PadShop channel. The loading bar goes back and forth and nothing happens until I force kill Cubase, which also leads to locking my audio interface for Cubase usage until I reboot the PC…

Obviously they have a Padshop track as well. I’ve tried loading Padshop instances on new projects and nothing bad happens. Even after loading a Padshop on a new project, then closing it and loading the aforementioned projects, Cubase still completely locks/stalls on that window.

If you need me to post further information let me know, this is seriously driving me insane and has put me in deep crap concerning deadlines on a Steam game release that is due very very soon. I’ve ordered a Steinberg UR22 MKII Interface that I’ll receive tonight, but then again this problem also happens on the Generic Low Latency ASIO Driver…

Thanks for reading me,

Xavier / mv

Same here. On Cubase 9.0.10 Build 150, opening up projects takes forever (and sometimes never finishes), and the “Loading Mixconsole” dialog box remains frozen and open for minutes (or sometimes I have to close Cubase via Task Manager).

For me, the point at which the “Loading Mixconsole” dialog box freezes seems dependent on the project I’m loading. In other words, different projects freeze up during loading at different points. But every time, the freezing happens during “Loading Mixconsole.”

I’ve also noticed that Cubase 9.0.10 sometimes freezes while quitting out of the application. When this happens, Windows warns me that Cubase has stopped responding.

BTW, I’m not using Padshop in any of my projects.