Freezing tracks and tempo automation

Hey guys,

I freeze some of my tracks here and there to save RAM, but when implementing tempo automation on the song, the frozen tracks retain their original tempo (their position in time) and become totally off.

I assume it’s like this by design? How do you get around it? At the moment I just look for tracks that sound out of tempo, then I unfreeze and refreeze them, but it’s a lot of trouble.
I hope there’s a simple way to solve it? Of course I will add more RAM soon as well

Thanks in advance


Yes, this is by design. You have to re-freeze all tracks after tempo changes.

You could use Render in Place instead of freezing. Then you would get regular audio files, which would follow the tempo in the Musical Mode. At the other hand, you would get more tracks in total.

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I see thanks for your help