Freezing tracks - couple of things

  1. if you freeze a track and it is soloed… and it includes a sidechain on an insert, that track feeding the sidechain ALSO needs to be soloed. This makes sense, but I just tested it to be sure. So, be sure to unsolo everything before freezing… to be safe.

  2. Sometimes freezing takes a while to start up once you initiate the process. Cubase thinks about it for 10 seconds, then starts. Ugh. This actually wears on me when I’m really trying to consistently conserve energy at the end of a mix when my CPU is maxxed out. I wish they could make freezing start quicker.

  3. Hey, while I’m at it, on a completely separate topic, if you would… (perhaps I’ll move it to another post) … but do any of you have a newer hi-res monitor and see how it bumps up your ASIO meter because it’s working your CPU hard? And does that become troublesome? On a MacBook Air, I can see all 8 cores working, but sometimes I see the 4 cores that are devoted to the monitor and other non-audio tasks (called the “efficientcy cores” I guess, on an M1 Macbook 2020) getting pushed to their limit… and that pushes the ASIO meter in Cubase up too. And then I get drop outs. And that sucks. Changing the screen resolution to something lower and easier helps a bit. Also, disengaging Open GL on plugins that allow me to do that seems to help too.