Freezing up after loading a second set of Horns players

I have repeated this sequence of events 5 times to be 100% sure this was the main source of trouble…and this is my finding:

  1. I load up a second instance of French horns (I&II)
  2. I re-name it to Horn III & IV
  3. I then go to save the session.
  4. That’s when the spinning balls start
  5. I then have to force quite the application
  6. I then attempt to re-open Dorico and it just sits there and waits ‘for connection’… which never occurs…
  7. I then have to complete shut down my complete system (Version 10.11.6 El Capitan) and re-boot.

Then it works fine, until I repeat the above steps again and the same outcome occurs.

Has anyone else experienced a similar situation?

Thank you!

What exactly do you mean when you say you “load up a second instance of French horns” – do you mean you’re adding a new player, or a new instrument to an existing player, in Setup mode, or doing something in Play mode, or something else?

Sorry, I mean “ADD NEW SECTION PLAYER” in set up mode

The moment I change the instrument name to read Horn III & IV it freezes ect…


I have an update… I thought I would try the same sequence of events to this session today and for some unexplained reason, it is working fine today!
So while I can’t explain why the complication yesterday, I am happy to report that everything appears to be stable…Thank you for chiming in.

Glad to hear it, Amanda!

So, this spinning ball problem has unfortunately returned…

I just loaded some a percussion section ( Timp, Cym, Bass Drum) then went to save and as you can see, I have to force quit Dorico…

And the only way I can re-boot Dorico, if I shut my entire system down and re-start.

Very strange…

I suspect this is going to be caused by Dorico reacting badly to the data being output by your MIDI keyboard. We’re working on this problem, but in the meantime you should find that the problem is resolved by disconnecting your MIDI keyboard. I know this is hardly a solution, since of course you can’t then use your keyboard for input, but I hope this will be a short-term measure.