Freezing when opening a menu - Win 10

A very odd and frustrating issue has started happening for me as of a few weeks ago.
Basically, Cubase will either become laggy and unresponsive, or freeze altogether when i open a drop-down menu either inside a plugin, or the quantize menu in the key editor, or a settings menu in PLAY… seemingly any menu anywhere. Sometimes it just hangs for about 20 seconds or so, other times it freezes completely and is unrecoverable.
Occasionally, restarting Windows Explorer process brings it back to life, but that works about 1/10 times. Maybe it only started with a particular windows update?
I have updated cubase, eLicenser, iLok, Play, Plugins, etc etc.I have tried updateing Nvidia driver, as well as rolling back to an old one. nothing has helped so far.
Has nobody else experienced this?

Hi and welcome,

Could you try in Cubase Safe Start Mode, please? Could you try to run Cubase as Administrator?

Unfortunately when i follow the instructions of holding down Shift + Ctrl + Alt, i do not get an option for a safe start. Instead I get a little project dialog box, where i can choose a recent project to open.
I will try running as administrator and see if the issue happens again. thanks

I didn’t expect it to work, but simply running as administrator seems to have fixed the issue. I guess maybe I have a permissions problem with a system folder that Cubase accesses?


Then I would recommend to try to uninstall Cubase and reinstall it as an administrator.


I am having the same issues with the drop down menus freezing Cubase 10.0.6. Running Cubase as an administrator did not work to solve the issue for me.

My setup is: Ryzen 1700X, 48GB RAM, 1070GTX, dual display (1-LG 34" Curved IPS Ultra-Wide and 1-Samsung 24" generic), M.2 SSD, SSD’s… so nothing to shake a stick at.

Cubase ran fine with my 30+GB template, in fact it was a pleasure and solid as a rock. That all changed in April (can’t remember the day).

I noticed that if I load any form of sizable template, the drop down menus freeze Cubase for a random amount of time, but time enough to completely halt my production. Not good. In fact, I had to use Reaper for my last project because of this issue.

I did a RAM test. RAM was okay.
I updated my video driver, twice. Freezing still occurred.
I reformatted my machine, twice. First keeping my documents settings, the second not. Freezing still occurred.
I ran Cubase in Administrator mode. Freezing still occurred.
I held my plugin installs to iZotope, Play and Kontakt. Freezing still occurred.

So I dug in a bit more.

Seems as though if the piano roll and score editor are docked and, for example, the expression editor or staff editor dialogs are on the same display as the arranger/docked editors, then the drop-down menus work fine. If anything changes from that, then Cubase freezes over.

I thought that it could be my video card, but if it was, why would massive 3D models in Blender, Lumion and Sketchup work perfectly fine, including GPU rendering? Surely they are far more graphic intensive than the Cubase interface.

Is there a solution for this?

Do I need to ditch Cubase because it is simply not functional? It would be hard to swallow the $700+ loss.

Does Steinberg have an answer for this other than possibly purchasing an upgrade to 10.5.x?

Honestly, I am strongly considering ditching Cubase as much as it hurts. I need to produce not limp through with a crippled piece of software.

Thoughts and ideas are most welcome.

Thank you very much!

Charles Kryvenchuk