Freezing with cubase inst I.e pitch shift 7.0.7 update

Hi guys has any one had any issues with cubase 7.0.7 update causing cubases instruments to freeze ?

Whilst trying to use pitch shift from sample editor I get the coloured wheel of death come up and it takes ages to load up the actual instrument and even when it does anything I click on after it does brings the wheel back up. Which also takes ages and even when it stops spinning the same thing again and every time trying to click on any setting until I get fed up and restart cubase. Tried buffering and even defragging my Mac and still nothing never used to happen before update. Also I’m running 32 bit cubase on OS X snow leopard 10.6.8 … I was wondering should I try updating to lion 10.7.5 ? However from what I’ve read that only supports 64 bit. This is where my knowledge drops out as to knowing what configuration between Mac OS X versions, cubase versions and 32/64 bit options.