French language and English keyboard shortcuts


I am just starting to look at Dorico workflow. Looks like excellent work!

One minor bug? I see that you can select your interface language (in Preferences > General) and your keyboard language (Preferences > Key Commands) separately. For my part, I would like to have a French interface language with English keyboard, since Canadian French keyboard is QWERTY and much closer to English keyboard than French.

However, while in Preferences > Key Commands I can choose French/German/Italian/etc. keyboard, there is no English option. There is only a «Default» option can is English when interface is in English… and France French keyboard when in French.

Shouldn’t it have an «English» option to choose there?

I agree, it should, but doesn’t at the moment. Have logged this internally, hopefully will be able to address that in an upcoming patch release.


I see the posting about the french canadian keyboard as been written by 2016. It is not looked yet. Can I get some help about setting out the shortkeys matching with this keyboard?

Thank you,