French Transpose dialog error

French version, three remarks:

  1. The dialog for Transposer… and Ajouter une note au-dessus ou en dessous has a wrong translation for Perfect, as in Perfect Fifth. The term always used in French is juste and not parfait.

  2. Grammatically, the presentation can be better: as interval names in French are all feminine, except for Unisson, the interval qualifications should be diminuée, mineure, majeure, augmentée, so with the e at the end. Juste is used both for masculin and for feminine.

  3. To make a good phrase, the qualification pop-up and the interval pop-up should be inverted. For example : Tierce Augmentée Haut and not Augmentée Tierce Haut.


Your third point is a point that has been risen quite a few times now, because even for a native English user, the logic order in which you have to change the parameters is the opposite of the English language.
I add my (French) voice to the first two points that are absolutely accurate (although I seldom use Dorico in French, which is why I have never been bothered by those mistakes).

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I will pass your comments on to our French-language translator.