Frequency 2 as a replacement for the standard EQ in the channel editor

Before C11 comes out I hope the standard EQ will be dynamic but the Frequency 2 is, that’s great. Before opening another window I think it’s a great enhancement to (optional) change the standard EQ with Frequency 2 (and a resizable Channeleditor too :wink:

So Frequency 2 in the lower zone and/or in the Channeleditor is my feature request.


+1 I would already be very happy just to have the basic Frequency filters available as options in the regular channel EQ, leaving out the extra stereo / dynamics features, for the sound quality alone.

too much latency I think to be a standard channel EQ but I could be wrong.

I think you want stuff hardcoded on the channel to be as low latency/close to zero latency as possible. But I’m not sure, haven’t measured Frequency 2 yet


that would be so awesome. The eq can be opened directly in the mixer. If that eq would be replaced by frequency 2, I would be so happy!!

This would be the game-changer in terms of workflow.

Also +100 of latency.

Absolutely +1!!