Frequency 2 display bug

When using frequency 2 with dynamic eq bands I sometimes experience an issue that the resulting graph does not reflect the dynamic band properly.
Only when I touch the threshold fader it starts reflecting the dynamic graph. Looks like a display issue only.
Hard to reproduce reliably but the issue pops up from time to time so I wanted to report it.

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I have the same problem on Cubase 12 with Windows 11. I also experienced it in earlier versions of Cubase that were running on Windows 10.

I thought it might be related to graphics drivers, but my previous computer was running an Nvidia card, whereas my current one sports an AMD part.

If it’s just a graphics glitch, and not a sign of the plug-in failing to process audio, I can live with it, but really … it would be best for the Steinberg team to fix this annoying bug.

I don’t know if it is your case. but i stopped using frequency 2 because sometimes i just want to create a point at X frequency and have it start compressing. I ask, is this your case!??