Frequency 2 - louder signal shown

Hi all, trying to help in another issue I found the Frequency2 plug-in shows +6 dB strengther signal in the main view (even the Output metter inside it shows the correct value). Dunno whether it is correct or not and I did not find any possible graphics setting or whatever. See attached screen:

The signal source is White noise generated in WaveLab with max. peak 0 dB.
And second question because I think I know the reason but I am not sure :blush: if I set the HPF type and cut the signal at let`s say 100 Hz with 12 dB/Oct slope there is the theoretical value -12 dB at 50 Hz frequency but the signal is stronger (even I deduct the 6 dB of the “shifted” spectrum curve drawn). See the second picture:

Thnx for any idea!


left scale is the scale for the EQ
right hand scale is the scale for the RTA
they are completly different

I know. But input signal (i.e. left scale) is 0 dB peak so it shall be presented with 0 dB peaks in frequency graph. But there is the difference I mentioned and I would like to know why. That is all.

Thnx for explanation, Pavel

That’s a wrong acceptance…
The input level is measured over the whole frequency spectrum and the RTA measures band limited levels… so this could not be the same…

Hmmm…OK, but still cannot understand why channel EQ shows correct spectrum (if I talk about levels) and Frequency2 plug-in not. There is no description in dedicated manual - that is why I put the question here to understand it more. Even this is not important for real mixing I supposed to know more details about it but I see it is hard/impossible. Anyway thnx for reactions st10ss :wink: “RTA” abbreviation stands for…?


RTA > real time analyser

The channel EQ shows not 100% correct levels… it’s normalised to the middle line that’s why you think it shows the correct levels.
It is not necessary to show correct levels in these kind of RTA, since you should prefer a good visualisation for what you need to change. It’s just a tool to help with the EQ settings.

OK. Tbh - I do not need visualisation :wink: but as I did some tasks aimed to different things I noticed this difference. Thnx for your activity!