Frequency analyzer recommendations?

I’m really just a rookie in terms of hands on, and I saw a vid recently where someone used a frequency analyzer to help with a teaching point - looked like it might be helpful, with the caveat of course to depend on my ears, not my eyes (“What?”).

Do you guys recommend any … free is good, useful and safe for my computer is better! Is it best as a floating window, or an insert on each track… what kind of things should I look for in deciding between them?


I like Voxengo Span… :wink:

I currently use Bluecats Frequency analyzer but I’ve also used Voxengo.
Both do the job for me.

Thanks, guys!

Strophoid … does BlueCat give an easy way to do an A/B analysis like Voxengo’s Span?

Also - does either give a way to store the curve for future reference?

I don’t think the free version lets you display 2 inputs in the same axes if that’s what you’re after, although I guess you could figure something out using monochannels and the stereo view. I would have to check to be sure though, never tried it.

As for saving screenshots, there is a save button on the top of the GUI but to be perfectly honest I wouldn’t know what it saves. Probably just a preset for how you set the response etc, not an image of the screen. There is a freeze button however which stops the animation so you could take your own screenshot.

Comparing the 2 websites it appears voxengo wins on features and the GUI takes up significantly less screenspace so I’d say try that one first.

OK, thanks, just downloaded to my thumb drive, we’ll load 'er up soon!