Frequency EQ: channel comparison

The channel comparison feature in the channel equaliser is highly useful, and would naturally be highly useful in the Frequency EQ as well, especially when setting dynamic frequency bands with external side chain sources. I hope this could be added in a future Cubase update.

Also, the resizing / scaling of the UI would be very welcome. This of course applies to all Cubase stock plugins.


yes, it would be great to get an upgrade of this plugin. Sonnox Claro and Fabfilter Q3 already do these things if you are in great need. I am sure there are other eq plugs with these features too. Steinberg is far behind, just like Universal Audio, on some things on the GUI front :frowning:
Let’s hope Steinberg knows 4k has been here for a long time and they aren’t really quite there yet.

I don’t necessarily require the channel comparison thingy, but I fully agree on the GUI side of things…it is a bit embarrassing that e.g. a small independent plugin developer like Toneboosters has been doing fully scalable an (in my opinion) better looking plugins for years now and a company that is owned by one of the worlds biggest music corporations and even advertises resizing as a feature of their own plugin format VST3 just cannot manage to to that…

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Fabfilter ProQ3 is my main eq plugin but I just discovered that Frequency 2 allows for multiple sidechain inputs which is really useful!

Totally , maybe it’s a 'pay for ’ feature update .
Comparison would be great but the zoom for the freq’s is very well needed

I would go further, why have to use a dedicated plugin like “Frequency Eq” when these features could be integrated directly into the channel strip of cubase and therefore would replace the classic equalizer. Imagine if in the classic equalizer would be included the dynamic eq function, the mid Side it would be so effective and simpler. That’s the way to go, much more simplicity instead of having to load plugins.


I would also prefer to have Frequency 2 features in Channel EQ. Not necessarily all of them.
If channel EQ would have:

  • 6 or 8 bands
  • dynamic section

My need to use additional Insert EQ would be dramatically smaller.

About M/S I really rarely use it and I don’t think that it’s something that every channel needs to have. But it’s just my opinion based only on my experience.


The channel strip is basically pre-loaded plugins.
Having EQs as inserts is greatly beneficial as you can change the order of the plugins. Put that EQ in between two compressors or after a delay plugin for example.

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I think it would be wrong to overload the channel strip EQ with too many features. Its purpose is to be a simple, classic console equalizer for quick adjustments, and for that it works very well.
Special features like dynamic EQ, Sum/Difference or linear phase are usually not required on all channels and imho better used inside a dedicated plugin (with the additional advantage, as @mlindeb wrote, that it can be used anywhere inside the signal chain).
My 2c.

It’s just programming and a function to enable or disable dynamic EQ. This does not detract from placing it where you want in the signal chain. Gotta be a bit ambitious guys :slight_smile:

Such a great idea. I’ve thought this many times. It’s quite a good EQ, but I still often resort to ProQ3 or something to work with masking. The stock EQ is sometimes too limited but surprisingly has that feature.