Frequency EQ issue with ext S/C and MS mode

Several projects under Cubase 12 using the current version (12.0.52) and Frequency EQ exhibit this behaviour.

  • Using Frequency with external S/C (example, use vocal track as S/C for Frequency on Synth track).
  • External S/C is set to pre-fader at S/C 1 slot.
  • Frequency has 1 band (band 5) enabled, set to MS and DYN mode.
  • Go to S/C page and select ext S/C input.
  • Set MID and SIDE EQ point (example, duck synth by 6dB in MID, boost synth by 6dB in SIDE) at 2kHz.
  • Adjust MID and SIDE thresholds to desired amount of attenuation/boost.
  • Everything looks OK and works at this point.
  • Save and close project.
  • Re-open project and open frequency to view dynamic EQ operation.
  • Play project and see that SIDE operates as set, but no action on MID EQ until the threshold is “tickled” in the threshold setup page, where it starts to work again.

Looks like it possibly forgets the threshold setting for MID ext S/C amount between project loads until it is touched again.


I heard about some issues in Frequency Eq… It’s the reason why I prefer ProQ3…

ProQ3 doesn’t do what I am after. Frequency does.

I confirm this. (thanks for the lesson by the way!)

For me, the interesting part is that this quote:

is literal! If we use automation, just one automation node at the start of the project with the value of the threshold will NOT make the threshold wake up. But if we put two points there, (so that the parameter changes, no matter how little) the threshold will wake up and work properly.

In my case it was working, but it was working “less” so it probably loads with its default -25dB threshold?

I’m into this issue. Very annoying. If you close and re-open the project, mid/side mode doesn’t work with sidechain. It’s like it forgets to work until you touch again the threshold.

FYI, current update (12.0.60) has not addressed this issue.

Indeed. Sometimes I would like to know why SB can’t release a simple hotfix for cases like this.


Has this been reported to Steinberg? @G.e.o.f.f ?

It’s been reported here. I understand that Steinberg monitor for issues that need assigning in their ITS. Hopefully that has been done so the plug-in team can address it.

Hi, I got This Exact Issue with Frequency Mid/sid sidechain… and it’s CRAZY!!
Still with Cubase Pro 11 I wonder HOW it can be possible… HOW this is not already fixed?
Every time I open a session in wich I use this trick (I mean using voice to comp/sidechain on the overall tracks)… I had to REMEMBER that I had done it… I had to REMEMBER wich tracks is comp/sidechained with the vocals and it’s really disturbing and to be honest almost incredible for a company as Steinberg and a so well-conceived program as Cubase.
All I’d like to know is if Steinberg is on it’s way to fix it or is this incredible mess is still forgotten?
We can resume the issue saying… you CANNOT trust your own session when you open it because changes occured into your own mix "against your will as soon as you closed the previous session… Every time you re-open your session you KNOW that this is not the mix you left the last time… It’s HUGE! … and it drives me crazy… We don’t need that stress anymore… we need to rely on a TRUSTWORTHY DAW… and with this issue, for the first time with Cubase… It’s not the case… please help Us God! Thank You.

It’s not Cubase. It’s a plugin. The Frequency plugin.
It is likely a different software team is responsible for various Steinberg plugins than the main Cubase program.
There is a simple workaround that prevents you getting so frustrated.

Oh… Ok… thank you for answering… so it’s not Cubase… that’s a good news… but does that means that Steinberg is working on that plug-in issue? I mean is there an actual solution? and what is the workaround you’re talking about?

I am sure their plugin team responsible for Frequency is aware of the issue.

The simple workaround is to add an automation track to each channel that uses Frequency in MS mode with external sidechain and get it to wiggle the Mid threshold (for each EQ band used in this way) level a little at the start of the track. It appears that the Mid threshold is all that is affected when using it like this and just moving at a little causes Frequency to continue normally.

The bug appears to be that the Mid threshold is being stored/retrieved incorrectly between sessions.