Frequency eq plug-in - user folders

FREQUENCY EQ PLUG-IN … How Do I Create A Custom Folder, and How Do I Move My Frequency Presets Into The Custom Folder

I Am Using An i MacPro, OS 10.15 (Catalina), Cubase Pro 10.5

Any Assistance Will Be Much Appreciated


click on the little icon to load and save presets

if you want to save entire insert plugin chains, that’s also possible:

Thank you for your assistance Nico5,

I have been using that icon, which allows me to save my presets in the Cubase Frequency Folder (along with all Cubase Factory Presets)

Also, there is an option to create a Custom Folder … but I cannot find a way to save my Presets in my Custom Folder

It may be that Frequency does not support Custom / User Folders

Thanks for you kind time and assistance,


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