Frequency plugin help

Hi can anyone help? I have been following
Doms tutorials, so far finding them just very helpful. been trying to follow the 5 ways to warm up tacks tutorial, Just having a problem with step 4 and the frequency plugin it doesn’t have the mid/side option only mono do i need to do something to turn tracks to stereo first?
or maybe im creating the tracks wrong in the first place?
cheers in advance.


Hi and welcome to the forum,

On the top of the band controls, you can see the On/Off band button, the number of the band and then you can see the ST string. Use the arrow right to switch this to M/S. Now you can see the Mid/Side.

Mid/Side is only available in stereo tracks. Mono audio tracks have no directional information before the panner.

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yes its a mono track am i supposed to use stereo tracks then? and can i change to stereo?

Yes, you can put a mono audio event on a stereo track.
Just keep in mind that M/S processing will not benefit from this as the source audio will still be mono and there is no Side information to work with. M/S processing is only done on true stereo material.

Perhaps this article will help explain the concepts.