Frequency plugin in dynamic mode attack and release mixed up

Ok, I have a situation here where I’m pretty sure, the attack and release knobs are the wrong way around.

  • try to put a short sample - maybe drum kick or snare or something - on a track.
  • give it a Frequency Plugin, either in F7 processes or into F3 inserts.
  • now pick a band, pull the gain way up and place it in a freq where you can hear it.
  • put the band in dynamic mode and hit the little triangle to switch over to dynamic controls
  • pick the lowest attack and release
  • now start playback and move the threshold down so it just catches some signal
    -> you should see your curve flicker up for a short moment
  • turn up your attack now
    -> curve should be up longer
  • turn down attack again and turn up release
    -> curve doesnt go up as much anymore
  • play around with both and be confused

Maybe something isn’t working as I expect it to, so perhaps I missed a point. Is this technically correct?
I’ll once again try some more playing around if this is a one time thing or happens all the time.

Anyone experiencing something similar? I’m also a bit confused, because usually there’s a lot of people complaining about bugs like this but I couldn’t find anything about it? (But maybe I just didn’t see it, so please forgive me for posting duplicates).

Any kind of enlightenment very welcome :slight_smile:
Thanks in advance and best regards

Oh, I keep forgetting this: I’m on windows 10, Cubase Pro 11. No third party plugins involved in this one, just Cubases Frequency. :slight_smile:

Little update:

I found out it happen’s only with positive gain. If you drag your point below the 0dB line (or turn the gain knob to the left side) the attack and release control switch places and everything’s back to normal.

Attack defines the time the compression is applied. So higher values will lead to lesser compression. Release defines the value that the signal needs to go back to normal after the signal is under the threshold. So higher values lead to longer compression.

That is no bug as far as I can imagine…
Have to check it later… not at the DAW at the moment.

it may not be a bug, but you just explained the opposite of what I described is happening.
They’re the other way around.