Frequency - side-chain issue?

I observed a strange behavior on Frequency - not sure if it’s only graphical, or also in the underlying engine.


  • Band 1 is a static low cut
  • Band 2 is a dynamic, side-chained low shelf

For some reason, visually at least, Band 1 seems to be reacting to the side chain, not Band 2 (cf. attached screenshot, the turqouise line is a low cut, not a shelf).

Deactivating band 1 gives the right behavior then…

In your screenshot band 2 is set to side-chain 2. Is there a signal coming in on sc 2?

Hi Johnny, thanks for the reply. Yes, there is a signal in SC2. The strange thing is rather: band 1 is a low cut without any dynamics, still at least the visual suggests band 1 is dynamic (the turqouise line is moving), instead of the low-shelf band 2, which should be dynamic

Hi couchpoets,

the turqouise line, I would call it green, though :slight_smile: , is the overall curve of all the filters. If you move the frequency value of band 2 to 1 kHz and the threshold value to -50 dB, depending on your signal on side-chain 2, you can clearly see, that band 2 is reacting to the dynamics and band 1 is just the additional static low-cut, which adds to the curve.

Things get even more obvious, if you set band 1 to Peak, +6dB. You can see your moving low shelf of band 2 with an additional, static bump at the beginning of the frequency range. If you then activate dynamics and side-chain for band 1, you’ll see the bump at the beginning reacting to the dynamics, as well.

Hope that helps.

Best Andreas

Thanks Andreas - didn’t realize that (I don’t have overlapping bands that often :slight_smile: ). Good to know!

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