Frequency Splitting

Hi, I’ve got yet another issue where I cannot find an efficient way of splitting frequencies. I don’t want to have to manually cut things in a filter plugin as it will take forever, I can’t find any simple filter plugins that I can duplicate to different groups/sends and then solo the bands. In Ableton (here we go again) you could use the multiband dynamics plugin and solo the bands to frequency split. Is there any simple, free VST I can use for this?

I’ve read about another method that involves a plugin like fr33way which is supposed to split the signal in to bands and you can choose which bands go through which inserts, and then you have to use “mix6to2” at the end to mix the signals back together. I’m on Cubase Artist and don’t have “mix6to2”, and when I put the splitting plugin on to the chain it doesn’t actually seem to split - I open up insert routing and I only have the 2 L/R signals. This is where I learned the technique:

any suggestion would be appreciated

Thanks :slight_smile:

aha! It was right under my nose, DJ-EQ has a “kill switch” for each of the frequency bands. I’m still perplexed by the other method though.

oh, you can use Cubase´s Multiband Compressor.
“solo” one band. copy this plugin, and “solo” the second band.

I’d use that but I’m on Cubase Artist which doesn’t have the Multiband Compressor, I do have a Multiband Compressor called Inpressa though which may work, it just feels a bit weird using it will it use up CPU if it’s not actively compressing?

oh sorry! yes you´re right, Artist doesn’t have the Multiband Compressor.

But you can re-install the old Cubase SX plugins, Steinberg´s ftp:



this is the old MB:

And have a look here:


That seems good, I find it weird that they haven’t made at least a simple kind of multiband compressor but without the compressor… I’ll download that, thanks.