Frequent crash on auto save

This has been a problem for me for a long while, but seems to have increased in frequency using Cubase 10 on my 2019 Mac Mini.

Essentially, Cubase either frequently crashes when auto saving, or worse, stops auto saving all together (without me realizing it) and an hour later, I get a crash and loose an hour of work.

I wonder if it’s some kind of memory leak, as it definitely gets worse the more instruments I load. But I have 64 GB of RAM, and don’t seem to be hitting the wall as far as system monitor is concerned.

This kind of instability is extremely difficult to work with, and I would love some troubleshooting tips.


Could you provide some of the *.crash files, please?

I’m having a similar issue with the autosave function, though have only actually had a small number of crashes, what happens most of the time is that I get the spinning colour wheel and disk spikes in the performance meter. Can I ask, do you use any Vengeance plugins? I am considering this as a possibility at the moment.

Two reports attached! Not using Vengeance plugins btw.


Both crashes are the same. Reported to Steinberg CAN-24577.

Oh did I upload the same crash file? Apologies.

Can you tell me what caused the crash?


No, these are 2 different files, but the crash was in both cases in the exactly same area.

The crash in inside Cubase, but I don’t know more details.