Frequent slow downs/daily crashes

I recently just upgraded to Cubase 10.5 along with hardware sufficient to run a medium size orchestral template - I’m at about half resources with what I’m loading in at the moment. When in the template Cubase is mostly fine (it doesn’t struggle, no audio pops etc) until it’s not.

Saving is really slow and there are a couple of things which cause an enormous slow down. These usually resolve eventually, but there has also been about one crash a day. The orchestral template is exclusively Play 6, and not using Play isn’t an option at the moment as I don’t have anything else to compare it with. The issues do not exist when I just open a blank project.

One of the things which causes the slowdown is when using Play 6 if I attempt to change the midi channel on a track while the Play 6 window is open. If I forget and do this by mistake, it’s basically go and have a coffee while Cubase sorts itself out. There are other slow downs as I say, but I can’t remember what causes them as they are less frequent and might not be repeatable, or I might not have twigged what I’m doing to cause it.

Anyway, I’m aware this could be play, but the saving thing makes me think it could be something else? I’ve also been having midi notes hanging on, which isn’t reset by the reset midi, I have to disable the whole audio.

I mean, to be honest, I could write 1000 words about all of the stuff that has gone wrong with Cubase 10.5 pro in the week that I’ve had it. Given the price tag, I’m seriously disappointed.