Frequently used VST's


I recently started working in Vienna Ensemble, and it keeps track of the VST’s you use. So the most often used ones get listed at the top.

Now there’s pro’s and con’s to this. Sometimes, especially in a creative phase I like being confronted exactly with the plugins I rarely use, but in a lot of cases - Like creating VST preset catagories - it’s a useful metric to be able to see.

Is there such a thing that I’m not aware of?

If not, it’d love for a ‘use counter’ to be included in the Plugin Manager for example.

While waiting for such a feature, are you aware that you can change the order of the displayed plugins manually yourself in the VST Plugin-Manager? You can have the same plugin appear multiple times in the collection. A “Favorites” folder, perhaps?


Definately! It’s actually exactly because of this feature that I’d love to see a use counter, so you can catagorise by frequency of use!