Fresh Install on new PC Laptop with upgrade from Elements 7 to 10.5

My old Windows 7 & Cubase Elements 7 laptop is finally being replaced! I want to do a fresh install & upgrade to Elements 10.5 on my new laptop. My old laptop frequently crashes when running Cubase so I don’t want to do any kind of file transfer from old to new systems. Also I started years ago with Elements LE 4 trial, then bought Elements 6, then did a digital upgrade to 7… so I dont have an install disk for Elements 7. So how should I go about getting set up on my new PC? If I pay for the upgrade to Elements 10.5 can I still get a “fresh copy” of the full program to install without buying it again? I still have my Elements 6 install disk but new laptop doesn’t have a physical disk drive. And it seems a little ridiculous to install 6 and then upgrade it to 7 (using an old upgrade file), then pay for the upgrade to 10.5. Please Help… what should I do!?


Yes, you can get fresh installation of Cubase Elements 10.5 only.

Install eLCC and reactivate your Cubase Elements 7 license to the Soft-eLicenser at your new computer. Then use the upgrade Activation Code to upgrade the license to Cubase Elements 10.5.

Download Steinberg Download Assistant and download + install Cubase Elements 10.5. Done.