Fresh OSX install, First install of Cubase 9 - Where is HALion ?

Just made a fresh clean install of OSX 10.11.6 (system previoulsy on OSX 10.8.5 and using Cubase 8.5).

Thus: No Cubase install here yet.

Rather than installing Cubase 8.5, I purchased Cubase 9 Update and now intend to install it. However, I’m a little confused…

  1. Do I need first to install the eLicencer on system ? - (I’m using the USB eLicenser, on which I have 8 and 8.5 and Wave 7…

  2. I am reading about an ‘‘installer helper’’ here for OSX Yosemite, El Cap and Sierra… Do I need it also ??.. (When I read the ‘‘supported products’’ it does not menstion version 8 and upper - should I understand it would be for older product versions - thus maybe for my Wave Elements 7 if I wish to reinstall ?

  3. While I have received the download link, activation number, I still don’t see it in ‘‘My Steinberg’’ - would this mean I will not be able to activate it on my eLicenser USB ?



Download, Install, activate. Done.

OK proceeded with install, updated eLicencer.

At opening, getting a series of HALion popups trying to launch a project I had on a drive:
**Application ‘HALion Sonic SE 2.x’ has caused the following error:

Application not registered:


  • Click to abort.**

And the last one is stucking my system, the cool OSX jam kaleidoscop…

Has HALion disappeared from Cubase 9 ? Does it need to be activated separately and if so, HOW ? Gee do I need to reinstall Cubase 8 or 8.5 to get it back ? - Didn’t expect to be screwed by upgrading license !..


Ahh…Sorry…I may have mis-advised. I had forgotten that there are different installers for updates.

So the download you used may be an upgrade installer with only the core programme and missing some instruments and content.

Now you have activated to your elicenser, the full installer should appear in your MySteinberg account…could you compare the size of this to your installer and if it’s much smaller then you need to download and install that one (over the top of your existing install will be fine)

You installed the Cubase Pro 9 update installer. This is intended ONLY for people who already had Cubase Pro 8.5 installed, otherwise you will be missing pretty much all content as said above.

After using the full installer, don’t forget that you can get Halion Sonic SE 3 for free, along with the 3.0.15 update.

Thanks both.

Oh… Maybe that explain why the installer was somewhat 2.5 GB and the installer for 8.5 was 10 GB !!..

When I installed, I selected to update at same time, which gave me 9.0.30 (not 9.0.15…) So: are you saying I would install the full installer of 9 on top of that ? (Gee I was looking for clean install not ‘‘crowd-install’’ :slight_smile:

So: confirm I do not need to install 8.5 in parrallel ?


You’ll have to install the full Cubase Pro 9 then the 9.0.30 update, nothing else.

After that you can install Halion Sonic SE 3 for free if you want, then the 3.0.15 update for this VST which fixes a few issues.

Ok so what you are confirming is: the cubase pro 9 i have installed was not complete and i should now find the complete version in “My Steinberg”? Why the hell Steinberg make it so stupid not provinding the full installer at first ?

They do send you the full installer if you’re upgrading from an old version, but 99% of the people upgrading from 8.5 to 9 will already have 8.5 installed.
Your case is very rare.

Well I ‘‘am’’ upgrading from an old version. Went from AI to Cubase Pro 8 to Cubase Pro 8.5 and now to Cubase Pro 9. Only difference now is I am on a clean install - many people do clean installs as far as I know (both OS and programs). Don’t think it’s that rare.

Indeed I now see (and I’m downloading) a 10GB version which wasn’t in ‘‘My Steinberg’’ yesterday at time of purchase/download.

In any way, I thank you very much for alerting me on this, sincerely.

So now:

  1. do I need to uninstall anything, or just go over the version ? (I’d assume, as it was the case with the ‘‘stripped’’ version, that it will also ask me first if I want to download the update 9.0.30 at same time ?)

  2. Where do I find HALion after that ? (and am I sure not to install another stripped or ‘‘temporary’’ version ? ) You are mentionning that I can get it for free, at same time as 3.0.15 - is this an update to HALion or you meant ‘‘9.0.15’’ for Cubase ? Should I understand that in order to get access to the free HALion there is a specific sequence I need to follow or I’ll lose it ?

Thanks again,

Indeed, version I downloaded and installed yesterday was 2.5 GB. That one (not there yesterday!) is almost 11 GB. Does it include HALion ? Or do I need to take it separately ?

You don’t have to uninstall anything.

Cubase comes with Halion Sonic SE 2. You can download HS SE 3 here, which has an improved preset browser (use the same email as your MySteinberg):

You can then download the Halion Sonic SE 3.0.15 update here:

It’s only not included with Cubase right now because it was released after Cubase 9 came out.

Ok clearer. So would I assume it would appear in the left pane of the launcher when opening Cubase (as other updates appear there ?)

Many thanks again,

Just another quick one : do you have any idea if I install that version 3 then 3.0.15 over the HALion version that comes with Cubase 9 if any project previously done with previous version of HALion will keep its link to correct instruments ?

It’s 100% backwards compatible, same with the full versions of Halion Sonic 3 and Halion 6.

As you both know the entire story, I now just posted this (in case you have an idea at what could have happened) :