Fresh OSX install, New CP9 install, no sound from midi devices

I’m on a freshly installed OSX 10.11.6 (wiped clean), first install of Cubase Pro 9. Trying to playback projects done in Cubase 8 with midi (external) devices.

Installed the midi interface. Setup recreated in Audio & Midi Setup. Testing there : clicking on ports out of specific keyboards and modules, i get sounds. So i will conclude the “physical” setup and osx setup are ok.

Now, i would expect from there i would hear those instruments when pñaying back a project that used to playback correctly under osx 10.8.5 and Cubase 8. I hear audio tracks. I hear instruments tracks (Native, Halion), but even though i see meters moving on midi tracks in Cubase 9, see midi activity on mofules that blink to it, see midi activity on midi interface, i don’t hear those tracks!

What may i have forgotten in resetting everything ???.. :unamused:

If this can add: I use a MOTU Midi Express 128 interface (USB)


Is there the sound library installed?

HI, sorry for confusion : Halion and third parties such as Native Instruments and more are all working well.

I m talking about the physical (external) midi devices. As far as i understand, C9 has all these “definitions” by default onboard… but do i need to set something more in there ?

So you don’t hear a signs from your external hardware synths?

What is the audio routing? So you route it back to Cubase? As Audio tracks or did you have External Instrument configured?

Audio out from these devices is routed directly to a standalone mixing board (the Yamaha 02R). So it has to be something either in the midi routing, or since i “see” activity, as you suggested: in the (instrument) device definition in cubase or channels…??

Again, keep in mind that i can get sound from the devices when “testing midi” in Audio & Midi Setup (osx), so interface works, physical connexions work, of course this test triggers random sounds, but the “communication” works… it has to be something to be set in Cubase, no ?

Can you visually see any MIDI incoming activity in your HW? Can you see it once you sent the MIDI data from the system utility? And can your see it when you send it from Cubase?

What does the MIDI out says in the track? Could you send a screenshot, please?

Ok seems like I’m getting somewhere… Thanks for pointing out some points. Looks like for some reasons, over the upgrade process, some midi in/out switched to some reason to ‘‘missing xxxxxxx’’ (digits). Might be while the interface was not loading its drivers, or something else…

I now can hear most units except the XV-5080 which obviously receives data (based on its blinking when there is signal on CP9 meters), but I guess it may be its definition (even though I copied the same definition - a txt file in Library/Preferences/Cubase9/Scripts/Patchnames which made it work in CP8, 3 years ago…). Guess I need to dig on this again…