Fresh Windows Install, License not Working

Hey guys.
After a fresh install of W7 my license no longer works. I’ve been down for almost 20hrs waiting for a response from Steinberg.
I keep getting an error that the license was already used in eLicenser. What do I have to do? It’s Cubase 9.5.
Thank you.

There is no “Cubase 9.5”. Post useful information, and you might get useful answers… :unamused:

Good grief.
There is one on every forum…


I follow all the instructions and even reinstalled cubase and elicenser. It’s weird, Cubase opens but then quickly stops running. It gives two messages then stops. I tried to screen cap them. I attached them.

After that GUI message it quickly closes and nothing happens. Any ideas?

I don’t know, this sounds really strange. You are talking about the Dongle, right? Because you have Cubase PRO 9.5.30. So with the dongle there isn’t much to mess with, if there is a valid license on it for the program you are opening it should just work. I use my dongle at other places, and it’s not installation dependent. So I’m wondering if you might have an old soft elicenser on your computer, cause that will stop working when you reinstall windows. Not that it should stop you from running your program, but that’s the best I can come up with.

Thanks. Yeah, I don’t think it’s the license anymore.
I think I resolved it. Seeing that GUI message then it crashing lead me to update all graphics drivers. Somehow this seemed to fix the issue…though it is running very slow, so we’ll see. Hopefully it’s slow because this is the first loading of plugins, etc.

Good to hear, and I hope you’ll get things running fast as you like in no time:)

Just one thing, you know, “that one guy in every forum…” well if you had specified which version you were on (Cubase PRO 9.5.30) then he’d have been able to help you immediately:) It is often like that, because answers can be wildly different between Artist, Elements and Pro. Now I saw on your screen dump that you were on Pro, hence my answer.

Anyway, great so see you’re no longer stuck:)

Gotcha! No big deal; I just ignore that type of thing. I should have clarified it was Pro, though.

So it is running blazing fast now that all the plugins have activated and loaded the first time. All looks good. Turns out this was a Windows problem. If anyone ever bumps into an error when loading the elicenser stating something like “your version of Windows is too old” (despite that it’s not) make sure you have everything patched and updated. Same with a GUI error. This laptop has an onboard video driver and a Nvidia, and it seems something was messed up or out of date.