Fretless Bass VSTi

Holy moly. I just came across this.

I’m impressed.


Nice stuff and nice prices.

To my ears these sounds ‘sit in the mix’ very nicely.

Nice xmas gifts. (for me too)

Tanx Larry for the info.

Yeah, I like the acoustic guitar and fretless bass too.

Funny thing is that I own both instruments - my acoustic is a nice mid-level Takamine - but if I can get away with it, I tend to track with the live instrument until I get the idea right and then duplicate the track in MIDI using the corresponding VST. Their recording techniques when sampling always yields a better result than when I play it live; plus, it’s cleaner too, and I can edit it later if I want to modify the bass line, transpose, etc.

Thanks, Larry, I went and bought the darn thing, I like it, it’s right up there with Trilian! I’ll probably get a couple of other libraries from them later.



Nice. Please let us know what you think from a usability standpoint after you’ve had a chance to play with it.

Playing a fretless well is tough.

I’m working on a jazz tune, which is tough enough as it is. But to play it using glissandos (tastefully, of course) instead of hammer ons / pull offs is even tougher. Throw in a modulation, and I’m ready to kill someone.

And, oh yeah, I wrote the piece so I can’t even blame the author. :laughing:

Any thoughts on this? How does it compare to the fretless bass in Trillian?

Hi, Larry,

I have’nt started any new projects to properly try Bassysm-f but my first impressions (gave it a run in an existing project) were favourable. It seemed to sit really nicely in the mix without tweaking, whereas Trilian’s fretless usually needs at least some EQing.



So would you characterize it as worth the investment?

Also, does it support automation via MIDI CC? I’d like to control aspects of it in real time such as the maximum distance for a glissando vs. hammer on / pull off / two separately plucked notes, etc.

Sounds great and is very moderately priced !!

i did not realize it was a ‘5 String’ until the second tune in. i will definately consider buying the Fretless and the Jazz Guitar (though i still do rate both these instruments on the Roland JV1080 module).

Thanks for posting Foolomon :wink:

I don’t know if this will help but this is from the wbsite:

“Legato mode: you can choose wether playing a legato will trigger Hammer ons, slides, sustains, or simply have no effect.
• The legato distance will define the maximum interval that in which the legato will apply.
• The release Volume: the sound produced when you release a string if a note was going on.
• Cabinet: you can turn the Cabinet simulation on or off.
• EQ: you can edit the Bass and Treble of the parametric EQ.
• The Sensitivity will set the minimum volume for velocity 1 and give you access to all the dynamics that you want.
• Chorus: As this is a fretless bass, we had to add a Chorus module, and you can change the Speed and Depth of it.”

And this:

"698Mb, 858 samples.

around 10 Velocity layers for the sustain.

around 13 Velocities for the release.

Hammer on samples.

Advanced Vibrato effect controlled via modulation wheel.

slides effects.

Harmonics, ghost notes, string hits samples.

Advanced UVI scripting giving you access to a simple yet powerfull interface and advanced features."

I don’t know the depth of MIDI control/automation of this instrument but I do think it is very good value.
If you want more information, perhaps contacting the company support will get you sorted, I’m sure they’d be happy to help.

Cheers :slight_smile: ,


Has anyone bought any of the BASS library yet and can post some demo’s ?? I just had another look at the site and this Double Bass VST sounds fantastic (though is the most expensive in this category) :-

I still do really like the Fretless though out of all of them.

Demos of the fretless please. :stuck_out_tongue:

If I can get my current Cubase issues totally ironed out I might by the Fretless VST this week.

The Jazz Guitar one is also very good as well !! :wink:

There is also great Fretless Bass by: (47$ on Black Friday deals)

And another great Fretless: