From divisi a 2 to divisi a 3


I’m using the divisi feature and there’s a part in the score where I want to come from a 2 part divisi to a 3 part divisi. However, in the staff where this happens, it keeps showing 2 staves instead of 3. I can understand the reason why this happens, because for Dorico it would be impossible to fill the 3 staves up to the beginning. However, I would like to know if there’s something I’m missing to do it properly, or if it would be possible now or in a future version just add a third stave mid-system to make this work.
Check rehearsal mark “A” of the attached file to see what I mean. I’ve put a system break on purpose right afterwards to show the desired 3 part divisi.
I apologise if this has been discussed before, I couldn’t find it. (1.6 MB)

Apparently the divisi feature works on a system by system basis, unlike the add and subtract staves feature for solo instruments. I’m sure there is a technical reason for this difference, but I must admit I was a bit surprised by this too. Unless someone chimes in to the rescue, I shall have to “fake” a job for a pretty demanding customer by using solo instruments :slight_smile:

The thing is that in lucas_r_r’s file, for some reason, the first system has the proper two-part divisi, but the second system is not displaying all staves of the three-part divisi.

I can reproduce the issue on my machine but haven’t the foggiest as to why. What I can say is that deleting the first divisi (even though it’s on a completely different system) causes the second divisi to display correctly. Alternatively, bumping the second divisi to the next page also seems to work, but if I understand the divisi feature correctly (i.e. that it should indeed work on a system by system basis), neither should be necessary.

Or stated more clearly: in lucas_r_r’s file, the two divisis already are on separate systems, but the second one isn’t showing all its staves.

If a divisi change is already in force at the start of the system, then that is the one that will take effect for the whole of that system. There is no alternative but to make the divisi to three parts start earlier, and/or change the system formatting so that the divisi to three parts coincides with the system break.