From EMulator X3 to Halion 6 ?

Hi all,

Well, I am considering halion 6 as my next sampler but I have a problem : I am still using EMulator X3 and this one is discontinued since a while, so I have to think about something to be able to use in the future several years of work with it. I have downloaded the Halion 6 Operation Manual and saw this (p.63/64) :

The following formats can be imported:

● EMU* 3, 3X, ESI, 4, 4K, E64, E6400, ESynth, Ultra

EMulator X3 saves by default programs/samples banks in .exb files and I guess that this format isn’t supported by Halion 6 but a confirmation would be welcomed. Beside this, EX3 can also export programs/samples banks as .e4b files and, at the opposite, I think that this format matches at least one of the formats listed above, but would like to be sure before any purchase.

So, could someone confirm that Halion 6 can import .e4b files without issue or, it would even be better, has an experience transfering EMulator X3 banks to H6, using this format (or the .exb one directly, who knows…) ?

I admit that I could test this by myself but honestly, I’d prefer to avoid downloading 30 Gb just to test this… :neutral_face:. Thanks for any enlightment…

I think you can import fxp files/presets, but not soundbanks. You can then save it in the current Halion format and create or recreate the Emu soundbanks that way. I started converting my H3 libraries this way when H4 came out but never got the job finished as it is very time consuming.

Disclaimer: I might be completely wrong, but since no one else replied…:slightly_smiling_face:

Hi, dancetiger, and thanks for your answer.

Not reassuring, to be honest. But I’m still wondering about the .e4b format, though. Who knows ? Maybe someone in Steinberg crew, concerned by an eventual purchase, could shed a light on this.

After all, my inquiry is only 5 months old… :mrgreen:

Thanks again ! :slight_smile: