From Finale to Dorico via musicxml - Error!

In Finale 26 I created a musicxml file. It is a work for large orchestra. About 200 bars. In Dorico 1 & 2.2. (Demo) the same error: no repeat marks and after about 60 bars missing all notes … Which version of musicxml uses “The largest notation program ever Dorico”? Why can not a gold standard open that about correctly. The musicxml file import back into Finale went without problems. :open_mouth:

You might want to send the XML file to one of the Dorico team for them to investigate the problem. FWIW, I’ve successfully imported hundreds of Finale files into Dorico without error.

Check for tuplets. They’re probably the problem. If you delete one of those (the first of the missing bar in Dorico, and recreate it in Dorico after the import) it might work correctly.

Thanks for the tip, I’ll give it a try.