From full score to parts

This is the first time I use Dorico for an orchestra. I’m not sure if I did it correctly, but I didn’t separate the double instrument, therefore it will be as flute1,2 / oboe 1,2, etc.
The question is: Is there any way to separate into parts as flute 1, flute 2?

You’ve approached this the opposite way to the way Dorico handles it.

Dorico expects you to create two flute players, two oboe players etc. and write music into each stave separately (though multi-staff caret input makes it possible to enter homophonic material into multiple staves simultaneously). Your quickest approach will be to create new players, then copy the existing music and Edit > Paste Special > Explode it into the new staves. Check carefully - it won’t be perfect and those a2 labels you’ve added by hand (for instance) will be redundant and need deleting. Then delete the old players.

Condensing (on the Edit menu) in the score layout will then allow Dorico to automatically represent the music of the (e.g.) separate flute staves on a single stave, and that representation is governed on a per-flow basis in Notation Options > Condensing and can be adjusted or overriden locally using Condensing Changes (from the Engrave menu).


Understood. I will be able to make it easier nest time. Thank you, Mr. pianoleo :blush: