From HitPoints to Tempo Track!

Hi everyone, I hope you can help me!

I have a click track that a client gave me and I need to get Cubase in time with it.
So each “tic” corresponds to 1/4.
I tried the timing function, but due to large speed changes, timing doesn’t work well for this case.

So I thought about analyzing the hitpoints of the track and transforming them into a tempo track… is this possible?

Thanks for your help!!

To create a tempo map using hitpoints, you need to filter and edit the hitpoints so that you only get those that fall on the beat. If you find that a hitpoint is missing, you can add it manually. The aim is to have each beat (1/4 note) covered.

After you have filtered and edited the hitpoints, use the ‘create MIDI notes from hitpoints’ function.

Once you have the MIDI track, use the ‘merge tempo from tapping’ command to complete the process.

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Thank you very much, you were really kind and precise in your explanation!