From INTUA Beatmaker 2 to Cubasis

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Having mixed music since 2011 by myself, the solo act is getting boring. I’m planning on forming a band after acquiring more hardware in December. Right now I’m using INTUA Beatmaker 2 on the iPad but I plan on purchasing a more complex iOS DAW around Christmas.

I was drawn to Cubasis by its easily accessible features, recording and mixing capabilities, and the multitude of different instruments you are able to create midi tracks and drum pad beats with. Cubasis is the program I expect to use, as well as some quality equipment that will enable input/output recording such as a professional grade microphone, audio cables and an iOS-compatible MIDI keyboard.

I’m looking for tips and advice on what programs and hardware to buy in order to record and produce audio samples as well as creating my own using Cubasis. Does anyone know of where I can buy the hardware listed above (websites or manufacturers)? Also, are there any other things I should buy or other programs I should explore before Christmas comes around?

(Nothing is too basic when it comes to hardware. For example, I’m probably going to be looking into purchasing a music stand and iPad clip to attach it with. Even more so, listing iOS compatible microphones, audio cables and mixing interface would be extremely convenient just as long as they work with Cubasis and the iPad. Hardware that is affordably priced would be most preferable)

Hi. Regarding the hardware. I use a Roland Duo Capture Ex plugged into the iPad via the Camera connection kit. 2 XLR/Jack inputs, 2 outs, Midi In/Out and it works perfectly fine.

I recommand this interface…