From Kontakt 5 to Kontakt 6: TEMPLATE MESS. How to fix?

I’m posting this here with confidence that someone else has upgraded their Kontakt 5 to Kontakt 6, and has had to deal with updating all their templates that were calling instances of Kontakt5.dll to the new syntax of the plugin, which is just Kontakt.dll
Currently, all my templates that were using Kontakt are broken. Is there a way to relink all these instances to Kontakt 6?

Save multis in Kontakt 5, load in Kontakt 6 one by one. (Be sure to select “patch only” when saving Kontakt multi, otherwise all samples will be written etc.)

Hi - I’m not sure I understand… My templates are the One articulation per track sort of thing (hence, once instance of Kontakt per track). So I don’t really understand if what you’re suggesting would apply to my setup?

Unfortunately this appears to be a breaking change introduced by Native Instruments:
Template and Files with Kontakt 5 don’t load with Kontakt 6
Attempts to hack a workaround using Cubase Track Presets were not successful:
Opening Kontakt 5 Track Presets with Kontakt 6

Thanks for answering the question definitively MrSoundman.
Looks like I have a weekend project LOL
It’s a bummer but on the other hand, I applaud NI for finally dropping the digit in the .dll naming convention. It will make things more future-proof. In fact, it would be nice if Steinberg took a lesson and stopped putting version numbers on their folders too!