From montage to CD


How on earth do you get the files from the montage to the CD window so I can make a CD or DDP. This is crazy. There is absolutely nothing that explaines that. I have searched everywhere. Is this something you should now from birth or what?

Please explain

You can burn a CD or render a DDP directly from a montage. There is a button to do this in the “CD” tab and you can also assign a keyboard shortcut to bring up this option.

See my screen shot to help find the button.

Thanks for the reply, and yes one would think so. But when I try to click there I get this
Believe me I have tried. So what else am I doing wrong?

Tool window: cd or shorcut: Alt + c bring cd dialogue window on PC



:wink: Yes I know it will bring up the window. But the files are not there!! So how do i get the files in the CD window…

Check if there are files in corresponding folder. Maybe they are erased somehow (or changed names) leaving only names in the montage?



Read about CD Markers, CD Wizard in the PDF manual or in Help > Search
and do you use WL Pro or Elements ?

regards S-EH

Based on how many inserts I see in the master section, you must be using WaveLab Pro 9. It also looks like you definitely need to add the CD track markers into the montage before you can burn a CD or render a DDP. You can also enter the CD-Text info if you’d like.

Well isn’t that what the CD tool is for. To create the cd markers. And yes I use the pro version. Explain what you do when going from a “audio montage” to the CD tool. I can create a CD from the “basic CD window” But there I cant get all the tools I need to create a professional CD or DDP.

I don’t think you want the Basic Audio CD Tool. It’s too “basic”. You simply need to add some CD track markers to your montage and it will be a valid montage for CD/DDP rendering. A start marker at the start of the montage, and either an end marker for end end of each CD track and a start marker for the start of the next track, or you can make a “CD Track Splice Maker” which is a combo end and start marker that sticks together to put between songs which is what I normally use. In the montage, in the CD tab is a “CD Wizard” tool to get you started (see screen shots attached). After I have my songs laid out I use the CD Wizard tool with the correct settings to add all the markers and then fine tune the marker placement if needed.

You could also manually add each track marker. If you look in the “Insert” ribbon tab you see a variety of markers that can be added. The red ones are for CD use…CD Track Start, CD Track Splice, and CD Track End.

See the screenshots here for more help:
CD Wizard Screenshots (687 KB)

Maybe this video shows it better:

As you see I have a montage laid out, I open the CD Wizard and use my preferred preset to add CD markers, using CD track splice markers for each track except the first track gets a CD Track Start Marker and the end of the last track gets a CD Track End Marker to make it a valid CD. I ignore the options for the CD Wizard to adjust the gaps between songs because I do that already.

Then you can see at the bottom I add the first ISRC code and the WL automatically generates the rest.

Then I use the CD-Text editor to paste in the album title, artist name and then use the arrows in the CD-Text Editor to populate the CD Track names from the marker names.

CD-Text and ISRC codes are optional but after you have the valid markers added, you can then burn a CD or render a DDP right from the montage. Ignore the Basic Audio CD for what you’re trying to do.

You can of course assign shortcuts to call up the CD Wizard and CD/DDP box but I tried to go slow and use the actual buttons so you can see them.

Perfect Justin P! Thank you so much for taking the time to explain to me. I really appreciate it. Now I can go ahead and send that DDP to the print. This was exactly what I needed.

You are the best!