From montage to multiple mp3

I cant find the way to render 6 clips in a Montage to 6 mp3 in one go

the clips are already named in the CD window I’m expecting the 6 mp3 named auto

Thank you


Another question is, do you really want to render the clips? Or do you want to render the “CD Tracks” so the rendered files represent the CD track lengths which are likely slightly different length than the clips due to the spacing between songs, etc.

A screen shot of your layout could help, as well as knowing if you’re using WaveLab Elements or WaveLab Pro.

from your screenshot, my version of WL (element 11) doesnt have red markers
I dont have the same menu entries either
my post was tagged wavelab element 11



My picture was from WaveLab Pro indeed.
In WaveLab Elements, you have to render each region one by one.

Merci Phillippe