From the vault: "Baghdad Patrol" (2007)

I haven’t posted anything for awhile, but I was messing with this today so I thought I’d post it. For some reason, the file isn’t as loud as when monitoring through Cubase, so you might have to crank it some.

Nice,Doug! I’m diggin’ that bass groove :sunglasses: .

Nice one. Good composition I think, and I also love the bass groove. Not sure what I’m hearing, I guess it’s part of that drum beat sound on beat 1 in the intro and other places, but it leaves quite a low frequency rumble that’s distracting me.

The bass groove is really catchy This would also make a great fusion instrumental

Howdy Doug. I remember this one. The opening minute or so is like listening to a CD so you did great with the production :sunglasses: Some other bits kind of messed up the image a tad though: The drum pattern is the same for 90 seconds? Needs variety. That backing vox at 1:29 I can barely hear, the splash at 2:51 smears everything so needs to be tamed.

Just a couple of listens, hope it helps :sunglasses:

Thanks for the pointers, phil

I addressed those vocs which were too low
I’m not hearing the crash problem at 2:51
I tried subbing the ride with hat when the first verse starts, but it doesn’t feel right

Maybe I need to tame that “boom” sound a bit

Thanks for checking this out, gents

The snare’s no good :wink:

Actually, not a bad track…nice groove and vibe generally with some nice atmospheric touches. I think you’ve done well in creating those quite dramatic crescendos at 1:42 and again later toward the end - nice! There’s some very tasty little snippets throughout actually. AND I’m not liking those various panned ‘echo’ BV’s scattered thoughout (e.g. 1:29 ‘where we drive’ etc). I think in headphones the panning is exaggerated and the voices also seem to be quite dry so they seemed to pop out of nowhere and therefore seemed out of place and somewhat distracting. I wonder if they’d work better if they were somehow emmersed into the mix more…? More in the background, big spacious reverb and/or delay maybe?

Cool. :sunglasses:

Could be Vietnam-era Doors.

Some bottom-end rumbling going on in there.

Nice stuff, pity about the war. That one, and the current one.
Nobody learned a freaking thing.

Why is it for you Americans “EYE”-rack" but then “EE-ran”?
And so why not “EYEZ-rael”?
Please explain.


Love the groove you got goin’ on here, Doug! :sunglasses: