From VST plugin can I modify the audio meta tag?

I have a cool idea! I want to automate the process of adding metadata to audio in my VST. Instead of manually inputting metadata each time, I’d like to define it once, and have the system automatically add it to all exported audio. Is this possible? If so, any suggestions on how I can make it happen? Thanks!

no, not directly from a plug-in…

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Thanks for the reply, I have another query, Can plugin export audio?
After searching I found “Veva Sound : Studio Collect Plugin” which serve my purposes, but I could’n find in the internet.

a plugin could record the audio passing thru it… but take care to not do it in the processing (RealTime) call, use instead a ringbuffer (lockfree) which is feed by the process call and consumed by a background thread (timer or UI level) for writing to a audiofile.

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Thank you!