Frontier tranzport in cubase 11, win10

Just upgraded my computer and frontier tranzport will not work, although it has 64 bit driver and installed OK. DLL was placed in components folder. When pressing buttons on tranzport cubase shows blinking button at the bottom of the screen so I feel like it is recognizing something . However, no transport controls seem to work. I figure it’s a long shot, but maybe someone has experience with this. If so, please let me know!

In “Studio | Studio Setup”, have you installed the device and set the MIDI input and output?
I have a Frontier AlphaTrack and it’s still working fine.

Thank you sir. I will check that out. I just got Cubase after decades of using Sonar so I’m still getting my sea legs. They are not as similar as you would think. But I can see right away that Cubase is another level of quality above and will ultimately be more intuitive.
( A few hours later) Mr. Soundman! You get the gold star! That fix worked perfectly! For others that are trying to do this I would just mention that you need to download the 64 bit driver from the mothballed frontier site. Also, you’ll need to run the installer in compatibility mode. It will not install successfully in Win10 without doing this.