Frozen Midi Tracks Playing Out Of Sync.


I’m doing a mixdown of several tracks to a stereo file, and have 3 midi tracks assigned to a 3rd Party VST Instrument (EWQL Hollywood Strings). When I try to freeze the Instument / Tracks they are playing out of sync with the rest of the project - coming in one bar too late.

Does anyone have any suggestions why this might be? Two of the midi tracks should start one bar before the third track, and I wondered if Cubase is trying to line all 3 tracks up together, and hence putting them out of sync. I’ve done similar Instrument / Track freezes in the past, however, with no problems at all.

Many thanks.

I have had this exact same issue with the latest Nuendo version. I have not tried midi yet though, but I did try audio.
I don’t think my issue is exactly one bar though… seems more like a beat (more or less) or something.

When I freeze audio tracks with a lot of plugins going into busses with plugins, they end up out of sync… I have Nebula on the busses