Fruity Slicer alternative in Cubase? *SOLVED*

Is there any way that Cubase can do the job of Fruity Slicer (FL Studio) without the need for external plugins?

For example, using Hit Points to chop audio up and assigning each hit point to a different note on your keyboard?

Here is a picture of Fruity Slicer to show what I mean


Groove Agent can do this. I’m not sure if even the SE version included in Cubase can do this.

like Martin said… Groove agent would work for this. you can dump in samples via hitpoints. Watch here:

there are also other paid options like:
New Sonic arts Vice
Klevgrand Kuvert
Accusonus Regroover

and free:

Yes Groove agent SE has capability to do this.

Perfect! Thanks very much for the quick replies. Great to know Cubase has the tools for this, thanks again!

This video showed me exactly what I was after, thank you!