Frustated about Steinberg Download Assistant

Ok I cant understand really whoever thought of this change
I am trying to download OLNY the installer for Cubase to make a backup to external drive.
I have installed cubase in a custom folder.
After the download, the downloader INSTALLS SILENTLY the cubase in c drive!
Now all my setup is a mess. I have to remove installation and reinstall on the custom folder again…

Really, is any way to change this behavior of Download Assistant? This has changed recently.
I only want to DOWNLOAD the setup files, not run them…

The files are available in the downloads section on the Steinberg website too.

The current version is only via download assistant I think right?
And whats the point of searching the ftp sites instead of using the download assistant the way it supposed to work?
I never seen such thing in any other software tbh,

Just trying to help, not argue with you. If you are interested, go to the download section of the website, this is not an ftp server.

My solution is to download the files on a computer that I am not using Cubase on. Cubase will be installed on that computer but the files are saved in the the downloads folder.
Then I can transfer the files to the computer that I will use Cubase on and then install the applications and files wherever I need to.
The applications and file can be removed and deleted from the computer that I am not using Cubase on.

I have to agree. I recently paid to upgrade to C11 but didn’t want to install it yet because I’m on the cusp of a new computer (mac).
Very convoluted and confusing.
On the upside, I now have a version of Cubase in “My products”.

It seemed like the download manager wanted to authorize my computer rather than the dongle by default. I’m still in Limbo and won’t be able to continue this lesson until I get my new computer.

So, yeah, I’d like to be able to get the old “Complete Install” as a .dmg file and put it away for now.

I installed Cubase 11 on a dual boot and downloaded from the website rather that the download manager as I wanted stuff in specific places.

actually that did worked perfect…

I downloaded from there Cubase Elements 11 Downloads | Steinberg

Thanks Steve

But still thats something that they have to correct this…

Actually it does not work for all programs
Absolute 4, Halion and the rest of libraries are only in Steinberg Download Assistant…