Frustrated and disappointed...

My first Cubase was the first Windows 3.1 version of the Sequencer. I worked with it in sync with several Tascam portastudios, being the last one my 688 Midistudio. Then, I was forced to became “digital” by my Clients, and my fist choice was a Tascam interface, which came with Cubase LE4. Make it work with my Dell notebook was a nightmare, and nobody at Dell, Tascam nor Steinberg were of any help. After few trial and errors, it started working, but with occasional “blue screens” in a middle of almost every session. I moved to a big desktop with Windows 7 and got a Cubase 5. Never been happier with my recording capabilities. But I still needed a mobile solution, since I record drums at several locations. Being the Dell so unstable I opted for a Macbook Pro 2011. So far, so good. But LE4 can’t find Halion One sounds on my Mac. After searching for months in the internet and forums, nobody seems to have a correct answer to the problem. And I need Halion because most of the drummers needs some reference tracks, and most of the time I have to write them down at the fly. So I installed my full 5 version on the Mac, but moving the USB key is something that I don’t like to do. So I asked for a back up USB, as you can do in other DAW’s. But it is not possible in Cubase. Last week I received a mail from Steinberg telling that there is an offering to upgrade from LE4 to Cubase 6 Full or Artist. Great, that could be a solution to my Mac and my mobile needs. Alas, the Steinberg representative here in Argentina told me that such offering is not available in my country, so my only solution would be ANOTHER FULL VERSION. Come on, guys… help me to make Halion/LE4 work on my Mac, or help me to upgrade to some version of Cubase 6 in my Mac at a reasonable price, or just send me a mail telling me : “we don’t like you as a Cubase customer anymore”, because I use this lovely SW to make my living. I would appreciate some support this time. Would you? Thanks.

I run Cubase 6 on my desktop machine and Cubase Elements 6 on my laptop( no dongle necessary) a combination that works well for me, couldn’t be happier.

About the content, can you describe how far you’ve come?
Have you found the content files on your drive?


First of all, a big “sorry, Guys”, is in order. I wrote my post last night, after trying to make LE4 works for the hundredth time, and was aiming at Steinberg Support Team, and not to the rest of the forums community, you guys that are always helping everybody. So, again, my excuses to the rest of the forum users. As you sure noticed, English is not my first language, and sometimes (mostly when I am p***ed off) is very difficult to find the right words.

Crofter, what I need in my Mac is just what it would take to record tracks (of the same C5/C6 quality) and some basic loops, melodies and chords as a reference for the musicians. If Element 6 is the answer, nobody at the local representative told me that. That’s why I ended up installing also my full C5 version, with the risk of taking my one and only USB to everywhere, which I don’t like at all. They also told me that I can’t buy an additional USB key.

TwinOak, I don’t understand what do you mean by content. I can run LE4, and I can see Halion is there in the Plugs Ins Information section, but when I try to open any sound from it, a message appears: “HalionOne: Cannot find or Load preset XXX ¡” I installed version 4.0.3, then I tried 4.1.3 and the same happens. Add to that I am new at Mac OS X, so most of the time I don’t know even where to find basic things. I do not have a separate CD with Halion, everything came together in the Cubase LE4 CD.

Thanks a lot to both of you.
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As I’ve only worked with Cubase in windows I cannot give you very clear directions, but hopefully the two incarnations aren’t that different from each other. With the content I mean the files containing the actual samples, sometimes HOne looses track of the location of these files and you cannot load any instrument.

In windows, these files end with .hsb or .vstsound and in OS X they should be located in /Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Content/HALionOne SoundBanks/

When you load an instance of HALionOne in cubase, you should be able to right click on the UI and select “locate content” and point to the location above.

If you don’t have this location then either the files were installed somewhere else and you’ll have to search for them, or something went wrong during the installation. In that case there should be a HALionOneSoundBanks.pkg on your installation disc that you could try to install separately, then redo the step above.


I think you may be in the middle of a stand-off between Steinberg and Tascam for support. I think, and you have probably done it, that Tascam should have been approached and then they call Steinberg and between them they should have found a solution.

To make sure you can get the upgrade contact, or create a "My Steinberg account here:
if you can and see if they will ship the upgrade to Argentina. I would be surprised at it not being possible.

Not knowing the full details of the way you work and your system spec I can’t advise on any pitfalls you may encounter. As I advise others, when using Cubase be careful to read as much as you can about it and learn (because it can literally eat your computer) what system you need for it to run rock solid.
Just like on old hifi systems where the top quality vinyl record players would make badly pressed records sound really terrible, Cubase will do this for a computer. If your spec is suspect in any way there is a strong chance that Cubase will find that suspect and the results will not be good.
Especially look at your system details BEFORE you decide to upgrade to Cubase v6 or you may well be throwing money away. Example: Every other time I pay for a major Cubase upgrade I have to budget twice that amount for my system upgrades too. It isn’t always double but it always keeps me in the safe zone where I can be sure everything works.

TwinOak, I already checked that, and the HOne soundbanks are there… I desinstalled and reinstalled LE4 several times, maybe somenthing is still there making problems, I don’t know. Apparently there is not “uninstall” tool in OS X.

Conman, Tascam barely replied, I already have an Steinberg Account, and most of my previous problems came from the Dell Notebook, which apparently doesn’t get very well with any kind of DAWs (conclussion I ended up with after viewing hundreds of posts in different forums). Everything is doing fine in my desktop with Win 7.

And, last but not least (last minute information) ¡¡¡¡

I tried to download Cubase Elements 6 trail version to my Mac. Guess what? “This version is not available in your country”. How should I take that from Steinberg? Maybe they are pushing me to move to a different TOOL (PUN INTENDED) to run my business… :imp:

Thanks, guys, and regards.

Maybe they’re just trying to get you to move to a new country. :mrgreen:

Does the Dell notebook come clean ie: with just the operating system. Dell stuff used to be loaded with all sorts of little Sartup programs that can be a pain by interfering with system management.
If it’s been set up by DEll then it might be an idea to reinstall W7 from scratch and wipe all the DEll programs off. I think, if I’m right, that Cubase will run ok then.

Conman, thanks.

The Dell was a nightmare, and probably it was full of stuff and programs that made run any DAW difficult. But I don’t care anymore, because I replaced it with a Macbook, and the only SW it has is Cubase 5 and LE4. C5 runs perfect, just an hour ago I recorded 7 simultaneous tracks thru my Saffire Pro 40 and the Mac, and it all went fine, all in the original 500Gb 5400 rpm internal drive. (just for the record, I used 6 of the Saffire Preamps and one external DS Audio preamp for the snare).

I was going to upgrade to C6 next week, hoping to get a good price for an upgrade from my LE4 for an additional license for the Mac, but local guys (Yamaha Argentina) insists that the offering is not valid outside US (?). So, I tried again to make my LE4 to work, but no matter haw much I tried, I can’t see Halion, and this problem has happened to a lot of guys as I could see. My next step was to get Elements 6, which is supposedly better than LE4 and it would cover my needs… but is not available for purchase in Argentina… In conclusion, it seems that I will have to tie my one and only USB to my nose every time I leave home. My worry is, if this guys can’t help me with something so basic like PURCHASING MORE OF THEIR SW, how can I be sure that if I lost my USB the solution will come in, let’s say, 48 hours?

I spend lots of time explaining to my Customers why Cubase is better than ProTools, and why I will get better results with the setup I have, and how I am going to use less of their time because I know Cubase better, and bla, bla, bla… Most of the time I sell them. But, to be honest, I am tired to fight against Steinberg, really. I love Cubase, but I am really starting to get really tired of this.

Thanks and regards,