Frustrated ugrader :(

Hi all,
Im a long time Cubase user (since 2sx). I recently purchased a new hot rod computer and the 7 upgrade from 6.5. I am having serious issues here and cant figure out why. VST’s are pegging processor right and left, especially Kontact and Spectrasonics. Big libraries (Trilian for ex.) are taking forever to load. I thought upgrading my computer would be a good idea :wink:


Dell XPS (all the bells and whistles, set up for perfomance in system)
Intel i7 2.4, 16gb ram, 250 gig SSD (where Cubase and VST’s live),
1Tb USB external (where all the libraries and the work files live)
USB Oxygen Midi keyboard
Steinberg UR28M Audio interface, using current drivers

Spectrasonics have a bad record for VST (2.4) compatibility.

As to Kontakt, is it updated to the latest version?

Where did you get the “Spectrasonics have a bad record for VST (2.4) compatibility.” info?

I’ve been using Spectrasonics VSTis for years, some of the most reliable and functional products ever made and certainly don’t have “a bad record” in any area I’m aware of.

@AudioTrucker, I don’t know if it’s been fixed but I seem to remember having seen Steinberg UR28M drivers having problems with C7, have you updated to C7.01?

Also, seeing as you are using an external data/project drive, is it connected to a USB 3 port in your machine?


One common mistake I see people do is use an external drive for something that constantly gets accessed.
That’s a major no no in my book.
Other than having constant data go back n forth over USB many people don’t realize that the reason these drives are relatively cheaper is because the drives that are actually in the enclosures are either “green” drives that max out @ 5400rpm or are constantly reducing spindle speed to save power.

Granted, this isn’t always the case but you really should have an internal drive that can handle music intensive workloads…

I don’t like external drives simply because the power boards on them are unreliable and can easily damage a hard drive.

One common mistake I see people do is use an external drive for something that constantly gets accessed.

Another reason to mention, USB cam deliver at it’s peak no ore then 40 MB per second, when there is at least a extra usb device on the bus the speed drops dramatically. In my situation the usb driver rarely perform above 25 mb p/sec.
The drives can actually give a minimum of 60 MB p/second even when it’s a green drive or a 5400 tpm (sometimes I see 4800 tpm drives), So I confirm that running sample libraries from external drives connected through USB isn’t the best idea.

Many a dissatisfied (RMX) user on this forum.

Since there are no demos, users at my level cannot test for compatibility.

Spectrasonics have a bad record for VST (2.4) compatibility.

Nonesense, I use both Omnishphere and Trillian here with no problems whatsoever.


This is the kind of fantasist, attention-seeking, baseless assertion that makes people tired of checking into forums. What scares me is you may well also have the right to vote.

I’ve been visiting the Steinberg forums on and off for the last 6-7 years and I can’t recall reading a single serious RMX-related issue. I’ve used RMX without a single problem, or crash, since installation.


I also use Spectrasonics Omnisphere and Trillian without to much problem and they load quickly from an external 2TB USB 3 drive.

With usb3 the drives can perform to the max reaching over 100 MB per seconds, the talk is about usb2!

What version are the VST plugins at now?

I was thinking of buying the bass module ages ago but emails back as if VST version didn’t matter…

…oh how things have changed!

I use trillion also, no probs at all!

if the talk is about USB 2 why at the start of this thread does the chap mention a new “hotrod” computer and wish to discuss the problems he is having loading Spectrasonics. Surely the answer is move to USB3 and that will help him resolve his problem or I could be taking a different reading of the thread.

What sample rate and bit rate is your project set to record to? Maybe your sampler and your project are different and your computer is converting “every” sample to whatever your project is set to… I had this problem once with EZDrummer and I found out that the EZDrummer uses 16 bit 44.1 samples …while my projects was set to 24 bit and 48. LEt us know if this is the case?