Frustrated with drum editor/map -- am I missing something?

I don’t generally use the drum editor because it’s quite cumbersome and my setups usually vary too much to warrant a map setup. (I wasn’t aware it can output to different VSTis though, so it seems worth a second look. Also the fact that note lengths can now be adjusted is a bonus)

As far as the multi row moving and mapping questions, I couldn’t find an answer either. What I do know is if you click the channel or output column and ctrl/cmd+select an option, it applies the change to the whole map. Not a fix, but might come in handy.

In Cubase 8.5 the drum editor has its own “visibility agent” just like the mixer and project windows though. This allows you to only show lanes that have been mapped or even just those containing events. It helps quite a bit to get rid of clutter.

Strange though that one can select multiple rows and it seems to serve no purpose! Worth looking into.

I just discovered something else:

Say you have a midi part that contains only events on notes/rows that has to go to a specific VSTi and set visibility to “only drums sounds with events”. If you then ctrl/cmd + select an output or channel, it only applies the changes to the visible rows and leave the rest untouched when you return to “view all”. A bit clumsy, but it works

That sorts out bulk mapping, now its just the moving issue.

You can move all notes back and forward by selecting all notes and moving them but you can’t move them up or down… Unless I’m missing something :open_mouth:

Select all notes or the notes you want to move and use the up/down arrows on the transpose panel at the top of the editor.
One row or one octave at a time.

+1 about not being able to move more then one row at a time. But…I think the idea is that you setup the map the way you want it “once.” Then you can load it whenever you use that same kit.

True, but this is also about outputting to multiple VSTis from one drum map and possibly multiple maps. So one row at a time can really get laborious.

I’m looking to find a basic free XML file editor. Drum maps are saved in XML format, so if entries have to be swapped in external software, it’s still worth while. If there’s something that lets you view/edit an XML file in a column format it would solve the issue.

BTW Headlands, did you see my post about the bulk output setup? Seems there is a way to edit multiple outputs at once.